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Git a brain MORANS!!!!!111!!! (no homo)
Is the original uk sizing a 8.5 or a 9?
pretty crazy!
thumbs up for Meaounji, (hope I spelled his username right), great seller and a beaut of a suit. A nice and luxurious Dunhill by Caruso in 42L. Happy customer right here. Also recommend Greg, gdl203 (hope I spelled this one correct as well), hoping to receive a kilgour suit from him but already recommend him for the fast and detailed info he provides.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 You forgot lawyers (especially the jews that feed off babies' blood) and government employees (especially the post office ones, who doesn't hate them - they're so lazy, right?) I immediately noticed lawyers were not on the list. Weird huh. I guess thats what being in the legal profession does to me. Guilt or something
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Nice glasses. Conne is better looking than Teger. hehehe this will unleash the fury that is TEGER!!!!
[quote=crazyquik;2194923]Not really. Hallmark Holidays aren't a big deal to some people (well, at least my family).[/QUOTE Hallmark Holidays like fathers day etc. are for the plebeian masses. People that buy into this consumerist nonsense. Harumpfh.
I just finished reading. Fascinating and well written. I forwarded the link to someone who works for the Dutch healthcare inspection authority. Curious to know what he thinks about this.
Oops my mistake. I answered from memory. I have a couple of caruso items and the tags are slightly different. It looks like it is zegna indeed.
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