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Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Really really nice. You look damn good for an old timer He looks so damn good because he drinks virginblood. Seriously vox that suit is so perfect it is scary.
Tom Ford, that's my guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol and you're a fucking creeper I dunno man, I think you are doing fine in the creeper department yourself too.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim You'd be surprised: that is a depressing read. It made me think though, if you manage to stay slim how much of an advantage is that in the jobmarket?
You dont have to walk the streets tonight for money don't care if its wrong or if its right fffffoooooooooooooooxaaanne you don't have to wear that dress tonight
He works hard for the money so hard for the money padadadada so hard for the money
Old Vegas would have suited you Labelking. New Vegas not so much. Maybe some casino were corrupt chinese party members engorge themselves in debauchery would fit you now.
Biking while wearing a suit is so common in the Netherlands because 1. normal roads are clogged up with cars in the urban areas so a short distance is always faster on a bike. 2. we have a lot of seperate bike lanes so generally biking is quite safe. 3. the distances between city centres and suburbs are generally not too big. Our cities are not spread out like L.A. 4. There is little to no climbing involved. Most bikers know that climbing a steep hill will make you...
Ajax got their asses kicked by Real Madrid. I long for the days that ajax was able to dominate champions league games. Ball possession was ridiculously high for RM something like 90%. The gap between clubs like ajax and the big clubs (premier league big 4), real and barca and maybe inter and acmilan is widening every year. Revenue from winning games is also calculated in a way that wil enhance this gap. Quarter finalist from the premier league will earn more than a...
you are such a sexy girl uncontrol... rowrrrr
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