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Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith Do you work in HR? I have been avoiding HR like the plague during my current job search and focusing on connecting with the potential hiring manager. This is truth
I'll take the sorels.
Quote: Originally Posted by jakt There are a lot of good-looking glasses in this thread, but none of them really fit my face. I visited a few different opticians and tried on a lot of glasses. Finally I decided to get these Kilsgaard glasses. They may look a bit boring on the picture but they work great with my face. I like their minimalistic design. Timeless, yet modern. I am wearing a kilsgaard frame right now and they are so rigid, yet...
He is on the down low kwilk and wants to keep it that way. Nothing weird about halping a brother (in a kilt) out once in a while right?
We can build an army. The inner circle of sf can take over TEH WORLD World domination! (vox) aah well been there, done that, bought the bespoke t-shirt(vox) (metrostyles) BOOOOOOOooooring
Dopey we need you in this threak, to weigh in. Vaclava, is, wel,come to,o
Just to clarify. I did not click on this thread when it still said Unjung's Bespoke Adventure. But as soon as (special apearance by Vox) was added I clicked this thread like I have never clicked a thread before in my life.
I have seen a couple of bikes by clothing brands in the last 12 months and even Gant did better than this retarded retro-pedo bike design. Retro-Pedo sounds good actually. I should start a new clothing line.
Warren, do you have any coats in xl for sale or could you get any interesting pieces?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI FTFY Is this stuff easily available? I'll have two of whatever Vox is having...
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