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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 cute but I think you're wrong I live in Yurp and travel a lot here and I think Iammat is wrong too.
A couple of years ago there was a story in the american papers about an Egyptian airline pilot whos history of deranged behaviour was much longer and weirder than in this particular case.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I'm not sure the average woman is attracted to Japanese males though, maybe this psychologist was a bit frustrated here. I mean, high testosterone in Jap/ Mongoloid males? I don't think so. samurai and djenghiz kahn used up all the available testosterone. Nothing left now.
Haha, and they hump everything in the matingseason. I saw some images of a town where moose were dryhumping cars, mailboxes, fences etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I used to be a pretty avid rider, doing 250-300 miles a week in season. Deer. They will fuck you up. Bucks see the handle bars as a set of antlers and will charge in rutting season. Actually happened to my brother and put him in the hospital for a week. I've ridden in many places and seen everything from rattlesnakes to bears while riding. If you're not chatting with another rider you're so quiet you tend to...
I just got back from a training ride. Super nice weather here in Holland. I had a deer cross the road right in front of me when I was riding about 30 km an hour. My cousins in Canada occassionaly see bears when they go biking. Pio I am not sure if I remember correctly, but you ride or used to ride too right.. I am not sure. Did you ever see any wildlife while on the road.. In Holland a deer is about as exotic as it gets, well maybe wild hogs are a possibility too. Anyway...
Fran 1.0 passes the dutch to fran 2.0
Armstrong doped. No doubt about it. I do not care that much because the men he competed against have all been caught doping. But Lance tried to intimidate anyone who did not do things his way. His team of pr people and lawyers have hurt some very good people in the cycling biz. If you add the whole cancer awareness organisation that has got some very serious transparency issues regarding money and how it is spent, to me it does not look good. I thinks Lance has got some...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Hmmm ... so someday in the future, there will be a Fran on SF saying it has nothing to do with political parties, tax rates or ideologies - he'll say screw America, he just hates the President because he is black and African, while this Fran 2.0 is white and of Dutch decent (after several generations)? Maybe in this post apocalyptic new America we'll see non-white tribes identifying with their ethnicity and country...
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