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I like everything Manton posted in this thread. Weird, I did not expect that.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 This is porn allright...
I want to know more about Volant skis, they look interesting, is it just a gimmick or are they actually good skis?
I wonder if our american and canadian members like and use other ski brands then us euros. Ski manufacturers i mean.
Good info guys. Check for gloves with à removable liner and take 2 pair of linergloves with you.
Well for durability leather gloves (with frequent waterproofing), merino wool underwear and midlayers should be allright. A hardshell that is durable and waterproof and breathable is gonna cost you though. I would stay away from flashy colours and stick with red,white, black etc. if you don't want to look outdated quickly in terms of what is fashionable on the slopes. The recent trend towards acid green, bright yellow and bright blue etc. will look outdated in just a...
Undergarments: icebreaker merino wool Turtlenecks: I don't wear turtlenecks Jackets: for sunny days Dale of Norway knitshell jacket or windstopper sweater. For bad weather just pick a goretex hardshell by a reputable outdoor brand (look for a jacket that fits a little longer so it wont expose your lower back when you sit down on a skilift. bonus points for a snow/windskirt inside the jacket and a hood that is adjustable so it can fit over your helmet.) Hat/Helmet: I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bristol Not for me. On polos I think it's perfectly acceptable. Well hello there Bristol.
If someone would say to me "oops I think I have edmorelled my collar" I would expect this man to have poop stains on his collar sprinkled with some old spaghetti.
Is this edmorel collar something like a portable smotherbox?
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