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Quote: Originally Posted by NORE This is why keeping your shoes in their respective boxes is of utmost importance. Hello Bris
Liquid Street Love (spotted this one on yoox) Ugly (also yoox)
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron My 10 year old Gaggia machine died several months ago, and I've been drinking french press coffee ever since, but I do want to get a new espresso machine so I'd be happy to hear recommendations. My gaggia is still going strong. good machines imo.
I will buy the tetburys if you are willing to ship to the Netherlands. I sent you a pm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Frihed89 A Purdey .470 double, dual purpose: Rhinos and ex-wives. Takes a good hunter to see the diff between those kinds of mammals.
my second pair of Kilsgaard glasses (matte grey alu frame)
Weird posts in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay A mule? What is it? He had to give someone a blumpkin in prison while getting a mule tattoo on his left bum cheek
Is a bb4 something like a EU 52? and a bb5 like a EU 54?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel It's literally hypnotizing. I can't take my eye off it. It's like Mars on his forehead. Gives you something to aim at, doesn't it?
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