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My friends throughout highschool (in the 90's in the Netherlands) were absolutely fascinated with the Vietnam war. Probably because of the hollywood movies about that conflict (both good and bad) that we watched over and over. The second WW is obviously to the Dutch a much bigger fascination that dominated our Dutch literature until very recently. Our actions in Indonesia are probably the closest that we as Dutchies can get to the Vietnam conflict and only now it appears...
I got my jacket in the last group buy. I'll see if I can find the pics and if I can give you guys some advice.
I was thinking to myself while reading this thread.. how many more posts to go before Edmorel makes 'the entrance'
Gangnam style is the youthinasia threath to our senior citizens? Sounds logical!
Amsterdams cyclists are the worst in Holland, they have no right to look down on tourists. However I think cyclist powered mobile bars do cause some issues due to drinking, which is fun but dangerous on a bike.
From fox news I understand that elderly Dutch citizens are threathened by the youthinasia but in Amsterdam we barely have issues with Young Asians?!?
Well according to Fox news Amsterdam is Amsterdam but we know it's not Amsterdam ..... Now pass me that joint Roy.
I appreciate you young muricans coming over here to experience Amsterdam. The young Brits were attracting seem to be a rather different experience for us though. Fortunately weed helps calming them down.
The city has its share of babyboomers now that make sure that anything that is actually fun gets forbidden and this has cleaned up the city significantly (positive) but it has also made the city much more provincial/boring than it used to be.
That's what I am saying man, Amsterdam is unfortunately not like that... maybe I missed the better days. The weird thing is that Fox presented it as some kind of undesirable thing.
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