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Today someone walked past me on the street, took a good look at my Panerai Radiomir and then asked me where he could buy speed.
Do not worry, the bloodhounds will never pick up our scent
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien R. Caruso 100% cashmere knee-length Ulster coat. If the true color of this coat is actually a darker blue than it shows in the pictures, I think I might have tried this one on some time ago, and I did not buy it but I am still regretting that to this day..
Exceptional deal and awesome bag.. WANT
I'll take the Audley. I will pm you for details.
Would love to see this happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Overcoat too short, too fitted, Makes the guy look fey. You must be an american if you call that coat too fitted.
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