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So depressing to see. A sporting event, that somehow really gets me. Why, I don't know.
Yes. But after the next shooting where a school with an armed security guard is targeted the NRA will say.. there should have been 2 armed security guards with assault weapons. When a school with two guards gets hit with a shooting then the number will go up and up. Very depressing line of reasoning.
Buitenlander was deemed offensive so it is allochtoon now (which is indeed derived from greek). There is talk about replacing allochtoon now because allochtoon is starting to be deemed offensive.
I just walked past some graffiti in my town Utrecht that said in big black (almost chocolaty ) letters: ZWARTE PIET IS RACISME.... (black pete is racism) glad to see the local youth up in arms about social issues that plague our impoverished little nation. So J Lib is part Dutch? That explains his awesomeness.
Is that why we got gold coins (chocolate wrapped in gold packaging) as young dutchies in our shoe that we put at the fireplace? I never understood that. Thanks. Sinterklaas once gave me a full drumkit., a shiny black TAMA. So that old man is good in my book. The whole neighbourhood found out soon enough what Sinterklaas gave me. People living a kilometre away told me that they could hear it. I sometimes even played the drums with the windows open. God I loved that thing.
Don't take black Pete away from us you bastards!
Hahaha isn't that how you grew up young master Matt?
Well that is more or less the same to me in terms of political correctness going over the top. PC is becoming the norm here too, but for some reason Sinterklaas manages to survive, mainly because nearly all the Dutch have such fond childhood memories of that tradition. When you ask kids they do not associate the Black Pete type with slavery at all and they simply adore the 'zwarte pieten'. I know the arguments against the 'black face' tradition are pretty valid however I...
Religious tolerance? More like religious apartheid were all the various religions did everything completely seperately from each other. They had their own schools, football clubs, music organisations, newspapers, broadcasting organisations etc. Tolerance in the sense that they sort of accepted each other yes, sure, but no integration or anything. Anyway that was the situation up until 40 years ago. The sinterklaas thing is very funny though, it is seen as completely...
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