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Meh, I already have a Guano coat.... Just kidding. lovely and very rare coat. Awesome.
I must admit I am intrigued by the sartorial world from central europe. In the Netherlands there is always a quest for change. Even if it is no improvement. Holding on to quality and a certain grandeur in presentation even over the course of nearly a century (maybe even two for some very old firms in other artisanal areas there) is very difficult and requires a certain mindset and determination. Very much the real thing.
I will buy the scarf, I've sent you a pm.
"Driver's Seat" is a 1978 song by the British band Sniff 'n' the Tears that appears on their debut album, Fickle Heart. The band is considered a one-hit wonder as "Driver's Seat" was their only hit.
Van persie scores and turns the game around.
Awesome project and I have no doubt it will be a looker of a bag once finished. Can't wait for the updates.
Does it fit the 4? I can't discuss this at this moment.... LOL
Northamptonshoes, Hannes, mbalder2 are all great sellers. Excellent deals and good communication by all of them.
I Will take the crombies. Payment tomorrow morning if you confirm these still available.
It's not 40% off It's 60% ON!!!!!!
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