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last week Prince with when you were mine and she's always in my hair. today: Whoo! Alright - Yeah.. uh huh (by The Rapture)
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 David...I look forward to your future updates Would you consider this Midnight Tonik as an alternative to a Barathea/Mohair mix for evening dress tails? Dear sir, Could you post a larger size picture of your avatar? Yours sincerely, Flieger.
Artisan Fan should buy this watch, so that he can finally say: "That 's my ........!"
I just received a nice Dunhill cashmere scarf from the great seller Fuji Quick shipping and quality goods, would buy again from Fuji.
My employer hires a company that goes through your whole life basically. Very annoying yet very effective.
Hey daddy, do you own a fucking boat or something? That is THE shirt I'd buy
Dickwhip him so that he knows the difference.
Anyone mention dictures yet?
Op is in luv wiv hiz fwiend
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe There is a critical difference between guano and guanaco. (Hint: one is poop.) Unbelievable coat, though. Too big and too pricey for me, but I wish I could feel it! No guano, Sherlock.
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