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Well GB and Sweden are very very PC so dont expect anything effective or even mildly appropriate from these governments.
I wish I could say that I am surprised to hear that he is at Oxford, however sadly I am not.A sad state of affairs, thats all I have got to say about that.
Tariq Ramadan is so tiring. I can't stand this guy. An utter prick.
Crazy stuff. We had a muslim attacking a popular media figure (Theo van Gogh) with a knife a couple of years ago. Apparently that was much like a butchering of a human being as well, however this seemed even more brutal. Strangely enough there is rioting going on in Sweden right now by mostly muslim immigrants because the police shot a machete wielding man.
Everything Matt wrote is so true.In my days at Uni I noticed that the most judgmental and dismissive students were the types that did not belong to any frats and sororities. Most of the frat types were busy having fun and being idiots (in a good way) while many of the non frat types were busy talking about how awful our lives must be etc....Boring sororities are sometimes fun to hang out with too as they don't like it when beer is thrown in the air etc. The screaming of...
Hoss had a few drinks and is warming up....
Is the patriots day a big thing in the US? Like Bastille day in France?
Very calculating choice to aim for this event by whoever did this. This is infuriatingly evil.
So depressing to see. A sporting event, that somehow really gets me. Why, I don't know.
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