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Quote: Originally Posted by southgate house Am I the only gay man on styleforum? You guys sound like such pussies getting all freaked out about your wife's poop. Who cares? Have fun. Also the best lube by far is Liquid Silk. Made in England for you the Chester Barrie fans. yes, you are the only gay in town.
Quote: Originally Posted by topbroker EDIT: Someone's forum name is LUBE UP? Seriously? He is just honest about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Tiger Balm in your a-hole will give you a raging hard-on that you would not believe. Of course, the burning of said a-hole kind of overpowers your senses and the hard-on is for naught. It's like you have experienced everything. I mean tiger balm in your what? hahahahaha
This gets dangerously close to a conne threak, except teh woman Edina is dating is probably real. Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe four stars threak, would read again when bored. Rating: Five out of five Connes
Guys, help me out. I am with a woman and she is treating me like shit. She won't let me slurp spaghetti out of her ass. How do I convince her this Edmorel thing is actually quite normal?
GQgeek is going to be a huge pussymagnet after getting any one of the sweet rides suggested in this threak.
I like the casual display of a roll of toilet paper next to the bed. These kind of pics always amuse me.
Quote: Originally Posted by captoe i don't want to have kids!!! ... and grow a moustache ... or wear shorts ... and lose it on a webcam .... at the same time It is only a matter of time. You will get there.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy the axis where pleasure and pain intersect Aren't you asian?
I heard deerskin has excellent moisture wicking capabilities.
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