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I dont think that the crime rate is connected Pio. I think zero tolerance has helped NYC enormously.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien R. Caruso 100% cashmere knee-length Ulster coat. This....is...good.... If the true color of this coat is actually a darker blue than it shows in the pictures, I think I might have tried this one on some time ago, and I did not buy it but I am still regretting that to this day..
You studly stud you
Fuuma, do you really think morocco and egypt are going next?
Exceptional deal and awesome bag.. WANT
I'll take the Audley. I will pm you for details.
Would love to see this happen.
I once observed kids (10 to 12 year olds) throw blocks of ice to the adults at the same party, while bouncing up and down on a trampoline. The blocks of ice were about as long as a ballpointpen and as thick as three to four of those pens strapped together. So that is pretty heavy if it hits you in the head. At first I couldnt believe it. I decided to stand right next to the trampoline to make sure I saw this correctly. Next thing you know one of these bratty kids jumps...
This has nothing to do with capitalism af. What is happening here is something calling itself 'free market forces doing their work' but is actually a result of misinformation and stupidity.
Sure the palestinians have horrible leadership. The judgement that the plo and Hamas have shown in the past in diplomacy/negotiations has not been beneficial for their own people. The Israelis have actively undermined the Plo when it was close to actually getting more 'mature' in terms of diplomacy and realism. They got Hamas next. So that wasn't a smart move on behalf of the Israelis either. In the future the far right and the orthodox settlers movement will hurt the...
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