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I think that once you have so many guns readily accessible in the usa there is no way of going back to zero guns. Globetrotter pointed out that in a country that actually faces security threats (israel) there exists quite a sensible gun ownership under strict control climate. So the whole american obsession with threats that have to be warded off by letting practically everyone owning guns is quite a stark contrast with that.
I won't take your guns away guys, but if you fail to see the difference between careercriminals with guns and depressed freaks with guns it's no use debating any further. Like I said, we have quite a lot of criminals in the Netherlands that own a gun. Usually their victims are other criminals in terms of actual shootings. Sure they use their gun when robbing a store but that rarely ends with a dead victim. Wacko's yeah theres a couple of them here in the Netherlands....
Today someone walked past me on the street, took a good look at my Panerai Radiomir and then asked me where he could buy speed.
Do not worry, the bloodhounds will never pick up our scent
So you guys are all happy to have guns. Great. We have criminals here (in the Netherlands) that own guns. Usually career criminals only shoot each other. Sure they use guns for robbery etc. But rarely with deadly results. Stupid kids or crazy guys have no or very little access to guns, at least this used to be the case. Things are changing now, illegal guns are getting more and more available but still you'd have to be quite connected to get one. But still, the fact...
I have just received the results of the investigation. I can't disclose any of this info, but shibbel I have to warn you, don't make him angry, its very dangerous.
I am going to run a background check on Fuuma through my subordinates in the Mossad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma We'll have peace once we've killed all of you morons. ? Would never have expected you to be this one sided on an issue, given your stance on developments in other parts of the world that I have read on this forum.
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