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It must have been thes poor bastards that make less than 250K. People on this forum always talk about these small timers like they actually know them. Hah!
Yes but is he selvedge? decadent? canvassed? huh huh?!!!
Sho' you believed in shoes, japanese jeans, coats, suits, god and now conspiracies? It should have been the other way round man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou Cap N Trade...Cap N Trade. Cap n phallus ftw!!!!!111
Cellblock D that's where the party is at!!
I was raised very close to the hotel the Bilderberg group is named after. I also stayed there frequently when doing financial law courses and exams for professionals after I got my LLM. When staying there I always thought it was hilarious that a dull hotel like the Bilderberg can be the origin for so many hilarious conspiracy theories.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I think my glasses look better than conne's They look like a shield you use for protecting your eyes when catching (in the edmorel definition).
Quote: Originally Posted by oman Artisan Fan = clearly small time. Who you calling small time? The guy was a succesfull I-banker, recorded music with top notch musicians, singlehandedly saved the financial sector with his riskmanagement consultancy bizz and on top of that he will globally cool the planet by buying us all unlined kiton fresco suits.
Shoe, stop posting on conspiracy theories and get back to describing santoni fam decadent shoes with substantial yet supple leather and stuff. Do what you do best.
But how many licks would it take to get to the center of it?
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