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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I always thought that was called tromboning. If you get your girlfriend to play the 'rusty trombone' while you are taking a shit, you got the wrong kind of girlfriend. If she is not ok with you taking a shit and you still do it, its gonna cause more trouble than the peeing in the shower thing, I guarantee you that. Ed will probably explain you the trombone thing in detail LK.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel A name adds to the price, not to the value. nice one Ed. and correct at that too. I must say I do like half of his BF collection, which to be hones is a slightly higher percentage than most collections done by Etro, Paul Smith and others.
this, I like........ click to enlarge pic.. edit: these pics do not show the coats in combination with a blue suit, use your imagination on this, like you do with my avatar..
1. I did wear loafers to the office, but I have a go to hell attitude on this area, my clothing is generally in solid colors or subtle patterns so I feel I can get away with this. A lot of people look a lot worse. 2. Blue overcoat on blue suit is possible, but difficult. Tan,camel etc. very nice combo. Also a nice grey overcoat is smashing with a blue suit. 3. Brown shoes, I wear them with blue suits and light grey suits Black shoes, I wear these with dark charcoal...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flieger Dude, you got it.. (hope it works for you, it did for me ) and another one....just click the pic to enlarge.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Perhaps to make up for it, you could post a full-size version of your avatar? Dude, you got it.. (hope it works for you, it did for me )
shit I should have known better than to click that link..... who would put that online so many years after this guys career is over.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Amazing how the Audis are still so similar to this 40-year-old design: That is an NSU ro 80 with a wankel motor??!!! Theres a guy in my hometown that still drives it. I think it looks timeless.
My tailor/store fucked up my linen R. Caruso suit, my pants look like capri pants now. I got a new wool suit from the new collection in exchange though, that fits me extremely well with only minor alterations, and paid next to nothing for the well fitting linen jacket that looks like a sportcoat in every detail, dimension and fabric. They handled it well, it did ruin my morning though. Felt much better in the afternoon though, after we worked out an agreement.
Quote: Originally Posted by southgate house I'm quite tall (6'5") so I've been hoping that they might have L sizes but they indicated that there would only be one length, which would differ depending on the size of the jacket. He also said that Browne was restricting them from doing certain types of alterations to the pieces, but I didn't inquire about what those would be. I think I need to come to terms with the fact that Browne is not making...
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