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Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia Gaddafi has flet to Venezuela to live with his comrade socialist.
Van persie scores and turns the game around.
Awesome project and I have no doubt it will be a looker of a bag once finished. Can't wait for the updates.
Does it fit the 4? I can't discuss this at this moment.... LOL
Northamptonshoes, Hannes, mbalder2 are all great sellers. Excellent deals and good communication by all of them.
I Will take the crombies. Payment tomorrow morning if you confirm these still available.
It's not 40% off It's 60% ON!!!!!!
I think that once you have so many guns readily accessible in the usa there is no way of going back to zero guns. Globetrotter pointed out that in a country that actually faces security threats (israel) there exists quite a sensible gun ownership under strict control climate. So the whole american obsession with threats that have to be warded off by letting practically everyone owning guns is quite a stark contrast with that.
I won't take your guns away guys, but if you fail to see the difference between careercriminals with guns and depressed freaks with guns it's no use debating any further. Like I said, we have quite a lot of criminals in the Netherlands that own a gun. Usually their victims are other criminals in terms of actual shootings. Sure they use their gun when robbing a store but that rarely ends with a dead victim. Wacko's yeah theres a couple of them here in the Netherlands....
New Posts  All Forums: