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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS zip code 1: California -- Median home price: $948K -- Median age: 47.5 years zip code 2: Washington -- Median home price: $1,152K -- Median age: 58.8 years zip code 3: New York -- Median home price: $1,409K -- Median age: 38.3 years zip code 4: Hawaii -- Median home price: $691K -- Median age: 39.7 years zip code 5: Louisiana -- Median home price: $197K -- Median age: 37.3 years Put me in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neb Layering is key IMO. I live in Ottawa so it gets damn cold (-30+ Celcius on average). What I've found is that something with a hood is KEY, a scarf just doesn't always cut it. Whaaa....-30 celcius AVERAGE. motherfuuu..... That is cold. We Dutchies are a bunch of pussies regarding cold. Bit of snow and voila no traintraffic, hundreds of accidents because of bad drivers, shitty government emergency response etc....
Will there be any women in the group? If so make sure there is a fireplace and bring blankets/bearfur for the wintersportsexxOrz
Quote: Originally Posted by xudisco07 +1. I hope Ajax and AC win Group G. I hope so too, but just how realistic is that? Mourinho is such an ass and Real is douche club nr 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by scb am I the only one who has memories of this with the name here? More like The Wizard of Ass
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist A friend of mine had this - his parents were divorced so he always had the latest toys, lucky bastard. Anyway it was beyond awesome, spent days building a whole city around it and then trashing it all with an 'invasion'. O now I remember what lego set you guys were talking about. Nice one. I used to have a huge city in my room as well. I used to like these 'magazines' that consisted of examples...
98 km last saturday. Got a weekend planned with a couple of friends with a total of nearly 300 km (2 and a half days of riding) coming up
some of you guys come from cold cold families. p.s. could someone post a pic of that monorail?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one BTW, as far as the leather on Skookums goes, I am not so much into that leather and consider it more like upholstery leather; on clothes I like a dyed product rather than a spray-finish grain. Their melton is obviously 24-32 oz, their rib trim is the 'swiss knit' all-acrylic; what is the lining? I assume it's acetate or nylon-faced polyfill quilt that adds a good deal of warmth? These can be pretty warm...
Do you wear yours a lot Shore? Because we got them so late in winter last year I mostly wore warmer jackets. But now fall is coming up and that will be the sweet spot for this jacket. I am going to wear it a lot. My design still appeals to me, eventhough a darkblue melton wool with bordeaux-brown-reddish leather sleeves and a bordeaux red with gold stripes knit trim would make me go gaga as well.
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