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Cinelli is awesome. just quite overpriced. They do know how to make a bike stand out of the crowd. I absolutely love their typography and paintjobs. I am a sucker for Italian bikes in general though. Scapin makes very nice frames indeed. Wilier is currently one of my fav bike manufacturers. There are good aluminium frames and there are not so good alu frames. The same goes for any frame material. Carbon bikes range from excellent to very bad just like steel and...
Buying the bike in the winter should get you a decent deal. An aluminium bike by Bianchi with shimano 105 on it should be possible. I am a Campagnolo fan, but I don´t know if you can get a good deal on a Bianchi with campa centaur on it for a 1000 euros. A well cared for second hand bike is definately interesting if a shop has one that fits you well. Buying a second hand bike straight from another cyclist is a risk if you dont know what to look for in a bike yet. If you...
Thanks BrianV, I would say I had a mid level alu bike with an entry level campa groupset and campa vento g3 wheels. The whole package was on the heavy side but not bad. The stiffness in the bottombracket and headtube and fork that I feel in my new bike are just levels beyond what I was used to. I am quite tall at 1.94 m and obviously not too lightweight. So the force that a bike has to deal with when I am standing on the pedals on a short sprint uphill is quite...
Finally got myself a wilier cento uno with fulcrum zero wheels and campagnolo chorus. Amazing bike. I can drop my friends on a group ride now when sprinting. Something that I could not do two weeks ago on my old heavy and way to flexible alu frame.  click on attachment to enlarge the pic
AFC AJAX football club from Amsterdam RABOBANK cycling team I used to be a Barcelona fan, because of the Dutch connection they had with Cruyff and several dutch players, and I saw a game in their stadium with a couple of dutchies, but its hard to like a club that is winning soooo much that it gets boring.
nice jackets B. textures and colors are great.
I never thought I would say this, but I really want to feel Edmorels pants. I want his pants around my legs. I am thinking about buying both of the 36 grey pants. awesome fabrics and lining.
Where are the pics of the b.c. items, I can´t find them in the picasa link.
disco disco disco in san fran....?
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