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Well dogs are known to enjoy a little butt sniffing every now and then
If you keep on going with the cavity search and all that... Even if you don't find anything... Thats tunnel vision by the officers involved, right?
Douglas brings the lols every now and then
I just read the article in HLN, that is some fucked up mother this boy/girl had.
I have signed up, cant wait to see the full store.
Awesome selection and very nice interview.
Lol the Dutch, really?
Well the bad teeth are universal 'cross the isles, 'tis what really unites those uk buggers.
I want this thread in book form, I will probably buy the leather bound hardcover. It would be awesome to put on my coffee table.
I checked out Windows 8 last week and it would drive me crazy. Can't find the simplest things. I am a computer retard though.
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