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That very much reminds me of islamic immigrants.
Isn't there some fitness test that cops have to pass every couple of years or so? Obese cops seem so pointless to me.
Makes me think of that south park episode
That's probably true. I Guess in most countries cops get away with some illegal shit. However the dog shooting would certainly make headlines in most countries, violence against people less so weirdly enough.
The pet killing is a weird fixation though.
Why is the follow up so tame? An ambitious prosecuter could make a name by pursuing shit like this, right?
Those pictures are a bit depressing. I guess there will be a point where the richer communities will be able to correct their local police departement. The poorer areas will probably see military style policing develop further and further.
The dog is probably also less anally fixated than the cop, which is a pretty special situation in itself.
Well dogs are known to enjoy a little butt sniffing every now and then
If you keep on going with the cavity search and all that... Even if you don't find anything... Thats tunnel vision by the officers involved, right?
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