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I have signed up, cant wait to see the full store.
Awesome selection and very nice interview.
I want this thread in book form, I will probably buy the leather bound hardcover. It would be awesome to put on my coffee table.
I checked out Windows 8 last week and it would drive me crazy. Can't find the simplest things. I am a computer retard though.
Crazy selection! Excellent.
Everything Matt wrote is so true.In my days at Uni I noticed that the most judgmental and dismissive students were the types that did not belong to any frats and sororities. Most of the frat types were busy having fun and being idiots (in a good way) while many of the non frat types were busy talking about how awful our lives must be etc....Boring sororities are sometimes fun to hang out with too as they don't like it when beer is thrown in the air etc. The screaming of...
I got my jacket in the last group buy. I'll see if I can find the pics and if I can give you guys some advice.
Lol at bringing Eric Glennie up again. O the memories.
I see you are wearing Iammats blazer with the bold stripes.
Nice photos. I went to see the TT in Amsterdam when the Giro was there. Awesome atmoshpere. The streets were packed with spectators and the riders were cheered very loudly. When a Rabobank rider was coming you could hear the sound of the crowd cheering coming towards us like a wave. Really cool. Further bike advice in a nutshell would be When buying a toplevel bike do not go cheap on the wheels. But when buying an entry level racer between 1000 and 1500 euro I would put...
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