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Uniqlo shirts (non-slim) consistently fit me pretty well. Anyone know of any other good brands that have shirts in similar fits?
thoughts on the band-collar shirts? anything worth getting recently?
i'm interested in looking for a richard blazer. do the measurements vary with every release he makes of the blazer? saw a sz 46 with a 16.75" s2s and 19.75" p2p, while others fit more to 17.5" / 21" (s2s/p2p)
I have friends visiting Hong Kong soon. Does anyone know if the japanese online store ( is restricted to ship within japan only? I know it's a little cheaper with japan store prices.
If I buy from Roden Gray, I have to pay in CAD but I'm mainly holding USD in the bank, so would I have to deal with any foreign transaction fees if I'm using Paypal or Chase
why can't I just find some black derb shines on sale. all I see are other colorways
did you get your meermins yet? I'm wondering how closer are the fits.
is that on the olfe or hiro last?
how are you guys comparing Meermin sizing to Allen Edmond 5 last sizing?
anyone know how to size for BBBF shirts? I'm a size S in uniqlo regular fit oxford and flannels, and size 36R suits.
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