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Personally, I don't think it's worth the trouble for most items. On average, having one more bidder for an auction will raise the final price a little, but not a lot. There's also the risk of the person deciding not to pay after winning (in my experience, this is more common with MO's) or it getting lost in the mail. And you have to wait to find out if they're going to actually pay. If the person has good feedback, there's less risk, of course. But then you have to go...
Quote: Originally Posted by cmacey Personally, the ironing board is the least important...a good pad and a great iron, with distilled water, are where it's at! I have a Rowenta -- and swear by it. I have a Rowenta, and the instructions specifically say to NOT use distilled water. It says, "Never use 100% distilled water since this can cause the iron to spit and leak," and it repeats not to use distilled water several times.
Gap actually has some very nice slim fit polo shirts: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do...r&kwid=1&ap=14 I usually wear a size 38 jacket. I often have to wear shirts in size small for it not to look like I'm wearing a parachute, but for this one, the medium actually looks really good. They were selling them in the store for $13 each, so I picked up a bunch. I think they were clearing them out for some reason.
I mentioned above that I thought Patagonia was kind of baggy... Other people have said that Patagonia is slim, so I should mention that the last time I bought tops from them was probably at least 6 years ago, so they may have changed the fit since then.
Oh, if you look at Patagonia, make sure to check out their web specials.
Patagonia is top-notch quality, though I find their fit to be somewhat baggy, at least for men's stuff. If you're looking for a fleece from them, you should know that they have their technical line of stuff (R1, R2, etc.) and their more casual line (most everything else). The technical clothing will probably be warmer for a given weight, and will last a lifetime. There's also, Arc'teryx, which probably on par or better quality than Patagonia, and they have extremely...
Anyone know where you can get chinos with some spandex stretch to them? I was digging around some of my old clothes yesterday and found a pair of Banana Republic chinos with 2% spandex. They were tight (too tight around the waist) but the stretch made it so they didn't restrict my movement. I see that Dockers has the extra-slim line with stretch, but in the photos they look a bit too slim for my taste, and I don't know of anywhere them on. (If anyone knows of a place in...
Here's one solution: Attachment 59168
That's an interesting video. The guy looks 20 years younger than actual age!
I'm 6'0", about 165 with long arms. I was at Macy's recently and almost bought one of their Alfani Red suits in 38L, but I opted for a 38R (I'm going to get the sleeves lengthened) because the jacket length worked better for me. I just checked their website and they don't seem to have anything online in 38L, so it might be something that you can only find in-store. But you might have to be lucky too -- the guy working there seemed a bit surprised to see it. Now, if...
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