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I have a pair of Dior Homme jeans for sale. Size 30, 21 cm cut. I bought these about a year and a half ago at Dior Homme on 57th street in NYC but do not remember what the specific wash was called. If anyone can help me ID them that'd be great also. They have orangish detail in the fading. They've been worn about 6 times but I realize I need a bigger size since I started working out. These were in the ~$700 range. I can ship these CONUS for $280. Any location outside...
I'm going to a bunch of festivals this summer and just need some new beach lounging gear in general and didn't see a discussion about tank tops. Anyone have good places they go to get them? Looking for something that is decent quality. My experience so far is that Barneys will carry some random Gant ones that usually don't look great or Christoper Kane ones with a baby's face crying that I'm not trying to wear.
I went in the other day to get a pair of these. I got the NS, but I sized 1 up from my raw indigos (31 compared to my raws which are 30).They actually aren't overdye, they're just waxed or something to make them darker.They stretch really quickly too, mine were tough to button up the other day and I've worn them for 48 hours straight basically and they are almost to the point of being comfortable.
Anyone know a place other than ebay that I could find a pair of those schott x converse sneakers in a 42? The darker grey/black version specifically. Thanks.
Interested in buying a pair of size 43 painted Mid tops or Low tops. More interested in the mid tops, but will consider either. PM me with your price and availability, thanks!
Not sure if this is the right thread to do so but you guys seem to have a lot of boot knowledge.. I am looking to get something that can semi-withstand new york city winter with all the sludge and salt. My characteristics I'm looking for in a boot: Black Military inspired preferably (Paul smith ricard shape but possibly more substantial, also like the Ksubi Raven but without the Chelsea boots elastic on the sides) Not absurdly high so I can tuck into it if needed Not too...
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt I like the sole though mainly with the specks. Kind of like when it looks good on sweaters. Like the CP laces more though.
Does anyone know how sizing is on ksubi boots? Specifically the combat ones? It's an australian number for their contact so I didn't want to call before asking here. Their email department hasn't gotten back to me in a week already.
would like these without the bs side western stitching.
I got a new pair of APC's about 6 months ago and the combo of them fully stretching and me losing a 1/2 size made them too big now. I was wondering if anyone knows what I could do to shrink them. I know putting them in the dryer can leave weird creases. I'm just hoping to shrink them to approximately what they were at first.
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