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Yes, that is correct. just the regular 988 in horse fg
Here`s my lined 988 if that`s what you meant by "non-slip"
deng release date pinned yet?
I like them.
damn these are nice
speaking of which - it's been awhile since I`ve sent stuff to Jesse over at FJ.I like how Jesse trims the sole edges vs. the cleaner smoother look they do over at Beehive.
beehive chicago
fck yeah been waiting for the chesterfield
after a couple yrs., I regret the folding persols. The metal hinge shaves a good amount of the plastic off as the wear and tear set in. This is usually a day or two after tightening the screw. In due time, there would be nothing left for the hinges to bite on and I`d be left with two separate frames.
sizing advice on presto ultra fk?
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