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Bought a modernica cigar floor lamp and an Eames hang it all from somebody who doesn't know what he had. Wish I have an architect friend who would hook me up with hm pieces for fifty percent off
I'm going to have to get a black Miltzen with g15
I need to get some Ashland. Motherfuck drew never made my shit
I have crizal lenses on mine. Been wearing it more often and starting to warm up to how it looks on me. I've relegated my lemtosh to special occasions only and looking to beat up the dita.Report back when you get yours
I like the Moscots!
Nose dents are minimal to none if adjusted properly like you said. I just adjust them so they seat the glasses right where they should be without hugging the nose bridge to the point that they leave marks. It's definitely a tank of a frame.
No clue about H Optics but based on a quick google search they seem to carry a bunch of decent designer brands. I've personally been to Moscot when I was in NY last year. IMO, just a matter of finding your preferred shape. Whether it's Moscot or Mykita or whatever frames you optician of source carry, as long as they fit your face and are reasonably priced, then you`re golden.
I just got the Dita Statesman recently. Does not fit my face. Feels like I am wearing safety or ballistic glasses. I've been wearing the Moscot Yukel and my Lemtosh a lot more than the Dita. That said, the Ditas are quality built. The pads that meet your nose bridge are made with the same titanium that lines the bottom of the lenses. Have to be adjusted just right otherwise they will dig in a lot harder than your typical plastic pads.
If you're in NYC, go visit Moscot.
in for the 40 mm side zips
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