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fck yeah been waiting for the chesterfield
after a couple yrs., I regret the folding persols. The metal hinge shaves a good amount of the plastic off as the wear and tear set in. This is usually a day or two after tightening the screw. In due time, there would be nothing left for the hinges to bite on and I`d be left with two separate frames.
sizing advice on presto ultra fk?
wow I am digging that zoom all out on feet
Just sent my Moscot Lemtosh back to Moscot for relens and hopefully they can reshape my frame after I stepped on them lol
these look awesome. How's sizing
Waxed my small duffle last NYE Here`s my waxed laptop bag
Gbv sale other than south Willard?
Is that the blake 30 high jodhpur?
I contacted slp about the stud on my harness that fell off and was told to contact local boutique. I'm assuming they'll refer me to a local cobbler. Anyone else got experience on this?
New Posts  All Forums: