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I have the pure boosts. They are something else.
What stores are currently offering a 405 on commando?
Just got a call from Jesse today.
It sounds to me like we can make several minor alterations such as belts and liners.
Need some never tried on baller sneakers. I'm a 7 d on the brannock US7 alden Plaza /6.5 barrie 7.5 in nikes which is half size up from my brannock size I know mmm are tts but do I follow my nike size or my leather shoes/ brannock size?
one vote in for muted purple paisley
Definitely floral
Thanks for clarifying. I actually have a 988 with Jesse right now for the vibram half sole and heel but still curious if anyone actually resoled the whole thing be it from guidi or elsewhere
Where do you guys send in your Guidis for resole? Just wondering how they look with non guidi made soles. The sole is one of its unique aspects
That black looks awesome
New Posts  All Forums: