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Now that is funny.
I referred to your heritage because it doesn't have anything to do with the discussion, just as "magic underwear" shouldn't either. Plus the "magic underwear" thing has really been overused, try being more creative in the future.
I can see why the Mormons you know wouldn't want to share their beliefs with you. All those other religions are considered mainstream (and which of all the religions they made fun of did they consider worthy of a full blown musical), it ain't easy being considered weird and fringe.
Making fun of someone else's religion is pathetic (but seems to be totally acceptable on Styleforum and in our society as long as that religion is Mormonism) especially from a jewish canadian argentina known for his inane posts. El Argentino is illustrating that there might be a reason Mormons are hesitant to share their beliefs with others (because things they hold sacred are subject to ridicule). What other religion has a whole musical dedicated to making fun of it as...
Thanks for the link. My kids enjoyed it and it got them to go to bed earlier.
One of the former chefs at Nobu here in Vegas has a place called Sen of Japan that has it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt yup, this is my vintage too. I know we do a halcyon days of yore thing every once in a while, but to me anyway, that was SF at its finest... the best litmus test of this revolves around someone who, in due course, I've met and come to consider a friend.... Litmus test: Kent Wang is: 1. respected senior member, and purveyor of fine finery 2. that overposting n00b with the parasol If you answered 1, you Weren't There...
Quote: Originally Posted by ArteEtLabore14 Just because something comes first doesn't mean it's good. True, but it can't be rote.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre Read LoTR if you want mind numbing descriptions of scenery and rote fantasy crap. How can you call the original "rote fantasy crap"? Maybe everything that followed is "rote fantasy crap" but the the original is the original.
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