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I have that Gustin bag. Secured one in the first run production. Entirely happy with the bag. I don't see any obvious fail points. It is well constructed and the waxed duck canvas is softening up nicely. The zippers are especially good. My only criticism would be the lack of any internal pockets. Have never owned a Filson so I cannot make a direct comparison but I don't see the above attachment point discussed as a cause for concern.
Looking forward to the Lord & Gailley Twill Sportscoat. Estimated time frame? And did you decide to go with patch pockets as I know you sought feedback on this?
MTO EPLA Jacket - concur on patch pockets as a preference. Will I be able to order this in a 46?
Thanks Stmaier. Good to know. I have had my eye on the Napoli fit. Were all 4 stock items that you had MTO or were there some factory find MTO's as well? Would love to see some fit pics of a 46R Napoli.
And a 44/46 wouldn't go amiss either. I am 6ft 3 and it wouldn't be normal, bordering on the malnourished for me to fit in a 42 or under. Not if i want a modicum of muscle.
Has anyone tried the Kamakura Linen shirts? The impending summer makes it a compelling option.
Stowas are lovely watches. I have an Airman and a Prodiver. Solid gear and great value.
gotcha. I dont like it but I get the simplification route. The style selection just seemed a little arbitrary.
I wonder why the fabric is dictating the style. Surely a Napoli or Weller cut could both use the same fabric in many cases? I was hoping for the copper POW in a Napoli cut. It is an 8oz fabric. The multi-color guncheck is 8.25oz and a Napoli cut.
A little confused with the Factory finds sportcoat special order. We choose a fabric, a size, a length and a style. Where do we specify the style, Napoli or Daltrey?
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