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Looking forward to the Lord & Gailley Twill Sportscoat. Estimated time frame? And did you decide to go with patch pockets as I know you sought feedback on this?
MTO EPLA Jacket - concur on patch pockets as a preference. Will I be able to order this in a 46?
Thanks Stmaier. Good to know. I have had my eye on the Napoli fit. Were all 4 stock items that you had MTO or were there some factory find MTO's as well? Would love to see some fit pics of a 46R Napoli.
And a 44/46 wouldn't go amiss either. I am 6ft 3 and it wouldn't be normal, bordering on the malnourished for me to fit in a 42 or under. Not if i want a modicum of muscle.
Has anyone tried the Kamakura Linen shirts? The impending summer makes it a compelling option.
Stowas are lovely watches. I have an Airman and a Prodiver. Solid gear and great value.
gotcha. I dont like it but I get the simplification route. The style selection just seemed a little arbitrary.
I wonder why the fabric is dictating the style. Surely a Napoli or Weller cut could both use the same fabric in many cases? I was hoping for the copper POW in a Napoli cut. It is an 8oz fabric. The multi-color guncheck is 8.25oz and a Napoli cut.
A little confused with the Factory finds sportcoat special order. We choose a fabric, a size, a length and a style. Where do we specify the style, Napoli or Daltrey?
Rivet Chino delivery just arrived. Moss Duck 10oz, French Blue 7oz and Merlot 7oz. Love all 3 colors. I must say the 7oz fabrics seem ideal for Australia. I would say wearable for 3-3/12 seasons. The fabric seems fairly light but durable. The Moss duck are as warned, stiff and industrial strength. I have all 3 weights of Rivet Chino in canvas now and I probably like the 7oz best of all.
New Posts  All Forums: