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Not sure if this is the right thread for this question but didn't think I needed to start a whole new one. Will Birkenstocks ever be cool again? I've been going through my closet getting rid of stuff I don't wear anymore (generally if I haven't worn it in a year it's a bad sign). My Birks are just chilling in the back, wondering if they will ever have a place in my sartorial expressions again. Sambas are back, flares are back, woven leather belts are back. Could...
Tried wearing my DB's without socks, and they really scuffed up the sides of my ankles to the point that it burned when I took a shower after for a day or so. Anyone else find it hard to wear DB's without socks at first?
Quote: Originally Posted by seaslugs Grim Tim is a 511 style tapered skinny. Thin finns are basically jeggings. Not sure I agree with this. My 511's fit a lot like my Thin Finns. Never tried the Grim Tims, but Nudie's jeggins are the Long Johns. After wearing my Thin Finns a few times, they aren't even as tight as my 511's. They just have a "lower yoke" as they say and taper a bit more.
I've found Red Wings run TTS also. I tried to downsize by a 1/2, and it pinched the sides of my feet like hell. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear.
rag + bone Dior
How much do you think these jeans fade from sunlight particularly black and darker washes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Donut Sorry I don't have as much time as you to be online.
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin ^ happened with my beeswax. it was almost unbearable but I said i'll give it 2 more weeks and now it's super comfortable. Yeah I had a similar experience. I think they get much more comfortable in terms of width the more you wear them. What do you guys think of these:
Quick question: what is the appeal of the off-white low-top Achilles vs. the whites? I have liked the whites for a while, but I saw the off-whites on sale for an amazing price. Obviously, the off-whites will not show wear as much. But are they as cool as the whites?
Why don't more of the middle to high-end denim companies make shorts like DSquared2? I feel like DSquared2's are cool but a bit pricey for shorts (and I'm kind of over distressing). It would be awesome if Nudie or N&F made some so I didn't have to rock the Levi's 511's all summer when I don't want khaki or corduroy shorts.
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