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"Everyone and their mom makes a version..." Zing. But sometimes the imitations are better looking than the "investments" - at least what I have seen in those particular trends.
I've seen cardigans w/ contrasting ties, and I like those. But I don't really like cardigans with really long collared undershirts. It seems overdone.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt why do you ruin an espresso by adding water? I hate the coffee at starbucks it is undrinkable. The same reason why they downgraded all of their cup sizes. ...yet again.
I am really curious about what everything thinks about cardigans, especially in the spring and summer 2007 season. They are going to be the next homme "staple" since the breakthrough of the short/long sleeve polo. I really think they will be mainstream. I really love black zip up cardigans as well. But buttoned colorations look wicked as well. I see few men wearing them, but those who do can pull it off. What do you think?
What kind of henleys are you looking for? Some people prefer solid colors, but I like a deep shade with a minor gradation hue. It makes the fabric look rich & vibrant. I've also seen some interesting striped henleys, but more of them are not available in store, especially considering the season.
Nvm, website closed down.
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