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What is the inside color of the jacket? Is it red? (Sorry, I can't really make out the color)
Garlic onion roasted pork tenderloin. So good. Hahaha, it's not hard to make, Maple Leaf has a pre-marinated package for $7.50. Just place it on your BBQ - come back in 20 minutes - and viola.
Quote: Originally Posted by francis begbie Sound advice. I appreciate it. eBay does have some decent blazers. Look around, there are always good deals on blazers that retail in the thousands, for just a few hundred - if even that. Make sure to measure yourself, though!
Isn't there local hostles there for tourists - especially Canadian and American ones? But I am not sure if they have an internet connection. Google it, you never know.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Avril Lavine YES!
Is steam cleaning that simple - just spray and go? You don't have to allow that garment to dry or anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 It never dies, merely retreating to its lair in northern hockey arenas, waiting ... *nightmares*
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I feel The New Yorker is not what it used to be; I do not want to see Ralph Lauren ads there. It's just brand dominance. Very sad to see, though.
Oh God, please don't tell me people are trying to revive the mullet. It died for a reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red Last Friday, I went out for the first time with a remarkably pretty girl I met last summer at a show at an art gallery and have happened to run into twice quite by accident in Ginza. She brought along two reasonably attractive friends, and I basked in the delight of dinner and drinks with three pretty Japanese women. What did you guys have? That's so awesome. I want to go to Ginza and Shinjuku. And...
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