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Barf much?
Flat iron your hair. AKA, straighten it with a ceramic hair staightener. It takes, what, a few minutes, and virtually every single "celebrity" male with hair longer than a crew does it. It's not just about making your hair obey what you want it to do, it also makes hair shinier and glossier. Suggested styling examples (for beginners - browse):
I love loose fitted beanies - especially hand knitted, or custom designed. The best ones are usually found in obscure fashion stores downtown - you know, the ones that are usually run by one or two people, and are constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.
Isn't that the latest trends in clothing? Clothing seems to now leave the average size, and expand to extra smaller sizes and extra larger sizes. I guess "average" is now pretty dynamic, not static.
So is you main concern color? You said no venting, but jackets can usually look damn good with a vent (or two).
This thread amuses me beyond imagination. Collar position truly is the modern definition of sexuality.
Ask seller for close ups on the brand name, where it was purchased, and if he/she still has proof of purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday First and foremost, wear comfortable shoes if you'll be doing a lot of walking. ... Do you own a blazer already? How much of this would you need to buy? (If shoes are on the purchase list, refer to paragraph 1 and make sure you break them in before the trip.) Agree x2. Also, street fashion is hot right now. But don't attempt the hobo fashion, where you just mix and match random apparel. Do loads...
I see Black Calf Leather listed as for the finishing I am not entirely sure. AE uses a corrected grain?
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