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I effing love shirts that effectively use contrasting patterns (or symbols)!
Nudie has some great jeans that are not wrinkled and super baggy, yet fuse casual with formal design elements. Check out APC - if you want something more on the casual side, Google "Evisu" - and search for the darker undertones. If you are willing to settle for something (fairly) cheap, A&E has some decent darker colored denim, with a dry wash and loose fit. Good luck!
Oh god no.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque I can take 20 photos of my shit laid out on the bed and on hangers if you really want. We need a "post your closet" thread badly. Speaking of which, I need to badly clean mine out!
Try the APC slim fit jackets. They are tapered and really awesome this season.
Grow it out, and don't be afraid to use a straightening iron (I recommend a Solia or Sedu). Dunno what your hair currently looks like, but I had the most disgusting hair for a long time until I started taking really good care of it by using a good conditioner (aka good doesn't mean expensive) and learning how to properly dry my hair and straighten it. It takes practise. Did you know that if you wash your hair with warm water, it opens up the cuticles, and then...
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom I heard that if you install Safari it unleashes AIDS on your computer Screen caps confirm this. Its beyond a ram hog, its like running IE7 x5 Yeah it raped Windows. What better way to crush your enemies than to give them a disguised gift in the form of a web browser?
I don't know about scarves this season... They usually just seem forced fashion, but then again, I think it ends up to personal taste. Cardigans are awesome, though.
I am infatuated with the Vivienne Westwood ring armor. It's stylish. So freaking stylish.
I don't think so. I do agree that we are seeing a shift of fashion that was traditionally worn with a tie, worn without, but ties are so incredible in the sense of their design. I think you can learn a lot about a person from the tie they choose.
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