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Quote: Originally Posted by sonick I... had sex with a fatty. Uh, for money, right?
Tattoos... hmmm. Well to be honest, most people I know do not treat them as a fashion statement, and get hideously ugly tattoos. Few people can actually pull it off well, in my opinion. When it is pulled off well, it works. But when it doesn't...
I love this thread haha... Cardigans, YES! I prefer cardigans with stripes over a solid color, but wow, you pulled it off.
...a new laptop.
Right pants pocket, but lately I have been just carrying it in my hand where ever I go. In other news, time to get a new phone.
Besides catering to small sizes (XS - M usually) make sure you choose jeans with the right length. Too baggy jeans make short people like shorter.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Work-->Bday party on the Sea Port Jil Sander white/navy surfer polo Jil Sander grey w/ white faint stripe cotton pants Jil Sander navy suede drivers Jil Sander grey w/ white faint stripe cotton pants They seem a bit short in length, but damnit I love them!
I don't think they profit a lot from those ties, and essentially if they were loss leaders he was losing money in order to draw in customers to bigger items. Maybe that is why he was bitter? He did seem like a jerk though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Always like it when you post, Baron. Hooray for air conditioning! I think this is exactly what I wore in the Rye vs. Sauce Styleoff for the "color" day, except that these are my APCs instead of Nudies. Those jeans look great on you. I am definitely a fan of the darker washes of denim than the lighter ones.
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