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Quote: Originally Posted by kakemono all the time... Do I worry about it causing cancer? No. Do I worry it make me look like I have a stiffy? Yes. Agreed! I severely dislike having my cell in my pocket on certain pants which is why I now just carry my cell in my hand wherever I go.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Glasses : Alain Mikli Jewellery : S2A, Ugo Cacciatori, Greg Wolf Trenchcoat: Cloak Sweater angled zip at bottom: Jean Colonna Jeans: Cloak Chelsea boots : Loakes Your selection of style looks awesome! I usually like having one contrasting colored item when wearing all black, but you pulled it off very well.
No, the cardigan/T combo is good.. Flawless. However, in the second picture, it looks like you are slanting to an angle haha. Yeah, I love your style.
I love it. Cloak is such a good brand; those that can pull it off do it so well.
It really depends if you are aiming for style. Some people layer beyond belief for winter, and while yes it may be warm, it looks horrible. Inversely, some people pull it off amazingly, and are true trend setters. Why not go for both? Instead of wearing the same jacket every day, stick with layering for a few days. I've always been a fan of the hoodie + jacket.. depending how it is pulled off.
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Fashion comes and goes. Style sticks around. Ah, I love what you said so much. Some trends have stuck around for a while, and some fade very fast (ie: Hawaiian shirts lasted what, 9 months?). In my opinion, we are seeing high quality clothes made these days (especially for men), and compared to some older stuff, it appears that current trends may have longevity compared to its predecessors.
What's with all the hatred on the murse? I mean man purses are pretty stupid, but this is actually a stylish one.
Saw this today on Style Arena. Personally, I love almost every part of this outfit except the sunglasses choice. The tie looks wicked contrast with the slim fitting pique henley/thermal. Thoughts??
"The Chungs decided on Monday not to ask the court to force Pearson to pay their legal fees, according to their lawyer, Christopher Manning. Sympathizers donated enough money to cover the estimated $85,000 bill." Hahaha.. he is going to go bankrupt in legal fees for this ludicrous case.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandrake9072 Oh my god, you have such a resemblance to Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead! It's mainly the lips... Really? I don't see it... ( in response )
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