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I have 380 bux to spend on casual wear. Right now, I need a casual light jacket, some jeans, shoes, and shirts. Anyone have a set of clothing that would complement well? The girth of my waist is 32 inch and from foot to waist is 38 inches.
Levis Regular Fit 505
Hey dudes, I have been lurking this forum for a few days now and am wondering what would be a good pair of jeans to wear extensively. I want to keep it under $120 and my "measurements" are 29W and 30L. (according to the tag on my Levi's). Sorry for being a noob, I have only begun to strive for sartorial success since last week. Also I want it to downplay any brand name, I want to have a unique pair of jeans but I don't want to flaunt the cost or brand, just the quality...
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