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Has bag been sold?
These are the NS, but assume same as your PS with no stretch. I suppose I can deal with the tighs tight if the waist loosens up so my junk doesn't go numb from the squished package.What's your thoughts on the inseem, In your opinion if you had them long would you jut cuff or just give up on apc and did something else? I'm not fond of hemming, and looking to avoid it.I like stacking, but someone here commented saying mine had too much.Thanks for replying:)
^ hate to have bought these jeans and news to hem them. Do you think way too much stacking and can just cuff them some to eliminate some stacking? As for the fit, they seem tight but thinking they'll stretch somewhat in the tighs
Looking for some feedback on the fit. I wear 33 jeans/trousers and went for the 30 NS. Thinking I should have went with a 31 or lose some weight. I was able to button all the way up in the store trying them on. I bought into the whole they will stretch. So far wore a few hours one night and just around the house for a few more hours.
What's your favorite footwear with your apc raw denim? Boots Brogues White canvas sneakers What's your look or do you change it up on the occasion. I like jeans with sneakers and can't get use to wearing jeans with brogues or other dress shoes
As a finance person, I dig this thread evaluating the economics and cost of wearing more expensive clothing.
I've also fell to a new view on clothing as more o an investment in quality clothes that will last rather than poor quality less expensive trendy clothing that might not be appropriate years from now
They also have the lasalle and strand for sale at $200 at nordstrom anniversary sale.I also purchased for work and while the strand is a beautiful shoe I went with a brown lasalle to wear to work and not get such notice. The strand is nice but the brogueing stands out and flashy shoe. I also picked up the black park avenue for $229
So basically the waist size 36 Plus16rule is accurate if you're a 52 incotex
Any have suggestions on where I can locate these besides online, as I would like to try on. Ill be working in Manhattan so have access there if anyone knows where to locate them in NYC
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