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Quote: Originally Posted by D Yizz 3. My butt is very pronounced. Hence, I have problems with suit vents opening, especially single vented ones. Solution: stay away from single vents. Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ I have the same problem! It sucks because my waist is much smaller than my butt so I will never be able to get a suit slimmed down to where I want it A thread where we can all commiserate. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd No. No. Indeed I am wrong. The magic of "search" has corrected me.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon If you're in NYC, I'd check out the Charles Thyrwitt store. THey do nice looking / full canvass for relatively cheap, but I wouldn't buy without touching and trying on. Quote: Originally Posted by 020-banker CT is full canvas (!)? Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by D Yizz Is there a solution to this other than wearing a tent size coat, or am I confined to double vented jackets? Can it be solved by letting out of the center rear seam without altering the look of the waist or front? Yizz, I have the same problem. I'm built like a runningback and even my duel vent coats open a bit too much for me. The tailor insists that there's nothing to be done, because there's not enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by Beaune Head If you'd spent two months on SF, you wouldn't have bought the AE shoes at all, thus saving $649. +1
Try Kiwi Parade Gloss. I use a slightly damp cotton ball, and spread a thin layer of kiwi on the shoe and buff it in a circular motion using the same cotton ball. Dont cake it on. With a little practice you'll learn to buff to a nice shine. I've been able to make some really old beat up shoes look new again. You do have to be careful, as the shoe will scuff easily. I've never had a problem with it cracking though as someone else mentioned.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin How about a muted tie, and standard spread shirt with barrel cuffs and let the suit do the talking? Mike Great advice Mike. Advice I plan to follow more often myself. I'm learning a lot combing through this thread. Keep up the great work gents!
Quote: Originally Posted by BaggyJeans I'm thinking the sleeves on the jacket should be shortened a bit? Maybe a 1/4 inch? Looks like a good fit to me. Your right arm looks to be perfect. Its possible your right arm might be a tad longer than your left. Unfortunately, most people aren't anatomically perfect. I wouldn't mess with it. Out in the world no one will notice.
Might have to pony up and buy a new shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre Hilarious.
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