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Those of you in the US ordering from the online store....are you being dinged with duty?
I revisited this website recently, as my son is really close to being able to walk/run which will mean encounters with our dog (5 year old bitch Pyr).
Really want this, but my space is not a loft nor a French chateau - not sure if it will work.
What is the skill level needed to let out the waist on my 10oz and Duck Rivets? Not sure if I should make an out-of-my-way trip to see a skilled tailor.
Had my 10oz and Duck Canvas Walts delivered the other day, and I'm very impressed with the fabric and construction quality. Oh and the time from order to delivery was more than reasonable for an international order - thank you folks at Epaulet! I would like to cuff the pants but not sure if I should go with a single or double....I'd have to go with a narrow cuff, as I'm only 5'6" with short legs to boot...maybe no cuff at all´╝čWhat do the shorter Walt wearing guys do? ...
How do I convince my wife that vintage watches do not carry with them the spirits of their past owners?
I've seen some great pictures of the 3227-01, and ^ is up there with the best. OP - have you tried on this watch? I'd be hesitant to purchase without feeling it on the wrist due to it's unconventional shape.
You're right, J, but Reversos should be on leather. While I'm sure the quality of the bracelet is up there with the other facets of the watch, they look bad IMO.
Both the AP Dualtime and VC Overseas Dualtime use a JLC movement - not sure if there are others.
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