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I have seen some photos of gentlemen wearing suits that accentuate the traps. They have an almost rounded fit over the traps, that then straightens out horizontally once it meets the shoulder. Does anyone know some companies who make suits like this? Also, I am curious, is this a look others like? It seems to accentuate a fit physique well.
I have heard that JAB performs the non-iron treatment at the thread level. This would leave me to believe that it might be possible to remove a pocket from their traveler line of dress shirts prior to the first wash. Anyone have experience with this?
Hello everyone, The other day I was out shopping and I found a Ralph Lauren polo shirt that actually fit me, a XXXL Custom Fit. It was a polo that finally fit my shoulders properly, while having a good amount of taper toward the waist. It was perfect. However, after looking at the tag on the shirt, as well as ralphlauren.com, I have discovered something rather disheartening, the shirt is from the UK. Evidently, a XXXL in the custom fit is offered in the UK, but not the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola If you're able to drop 12" off your waist why not keep at it? It's not like you'll be waifish at a 36 inch waist. Well, when I had the 36 inch waist, I was playing football and weighed 210 lbs with 190 of that being bones, organs, and muscle...
I am currently in the process of losing weight. Being an engineering major at college has not been my friend. I gained quite a bit of weight when my studies got hard and my parents got a divorce out of nowhere. Since September I have gone from a 48 waist to a 44 waist and dropped about 35 lbs. My final weight goals are to be back where I was when I graduate high school, putting me at a 36. Here is the problem, my inseam is a 29. Are there any quality jeans with dark washes...
So far I am really liking the Archimede Arcadia except for the numbering for the seconds around the exterior. I like the Archimede Deck Watch with the black leather and the silver face, but I am not a fan of the more bold white sticking on the band. I like the Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Automatic as well. I also like the Hamilton Timeless Classic Valiant Auto with the silver face and black leather strap. I need to look more into Seiko watches and I need to see what the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JonasAberg Granted I am pretty much a noob, but it looks to me like there is just too much room in all those suits. Second one is the best but the fit is just not there for me. Not a fan o the lapel width either but that's a question of personal preference. Agree. Second one is the best out of the three, but I am not a fan of the lapel width. Will need to be tailored as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajmanouk Seiko SKK645 Seiko SKK647 Don't know too much about watches but those two came to mind as I was recently looking for a watch similar to what you're looking for. If you don't want a leather band maybe try looking at the Seiko 5 Automatic Series. I like the look of the SKK645, but will the case look too small on my wrist?
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic she'll be a great wife if she gets you a Patek philippe calatrava Yes, yes she would, but that will not happen.
When it comes to sportcoats, I tend to like the look of the ones at J. Crew. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/s...tsandvests.jsp When it comes to jeans, I love a good dark wash with no worn/hole bits.
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