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Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier A: Sprezz. Thanks. Something else to learn!
What's this business I've seen lately of unbuttoned button down collars? Is this a thing? Just curious about the rationale. Parker: Phat Guido:
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Chrispy, Get yourself a white linen square if you don't already have one. Until then, remember that no square is better than a bad or clashing square. And, honestly, I don't think that striped jacket works with contrasting trousers. It should be part of a suit, IMO, or not worn at all. The shirt and tie are nice, though. Oh, and the contrasting sleeve buttonhole: I have white! Thanks...
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I most definitely like the shirt/tie/jacket combo, but I'm not a fan of the jacket's tiny lapels, the PS in general, and your "I've got a go pee-pee" pose. And welcome, by the way. It's good that you've decided to start posting. Improvement comes a lot faster that way. I really need to perfect the stance. I see the crotch cupping look isn't going to carry me forward. Not very sechsy It's more...
Quote: Originally Posted by B.B. Haywood Chrispy_Bear, nice fit. I rather like the shirt. Thanks, fresh out the packet from Harvie & Hudson.
Since I spend an inordinate amount of time here getting tips from the outfits you guys put together, I figured I might as well put myself into the mix! I'm on quite a low budget, but I'm gradually building a wardrobe.
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