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Not talking about a DSLR, but something more like a Leica. Is anyone making a small, subtle leather case that holds a rangefinder And attaches to the belt? Basically looking to be able to carry a camera everywhere with out a bag of any type.
Every few years the subject of quick release belts pops up here so I figured you guys might be interested. I've been looking for a good one recently and found this company: I ordered one of the suede belts but it turned out to be a totally different color than I was expecting. The owner of the company, Tim Hardy, took it back and even shipped the new belt before he received the old...
What makes it fade, the sun? Also, what the official SF approved washing, rewaxing method? Searched but couldn't find.
Has anybody had their green bag turn brown? My green 257 is slowly fading and now longer looks like wax olive. How do I restore the waxy ness and green color? How do I remove slight denim stains and such?
I actually like the site design. Tablet compatibility is by far the biggest concern though. Those who hate the design, what are some good examples of similar sites you DO like?
It's like looking at a bottom less pit
Seinfeld with the jordan+Button down+Varsity combo killing everything
Those are incredible.
This is a vintage Schott moto jacket. No idea what year or model it is, except that when I first got it I found a receipt from 1982 (receipt included free of charge) so I know it's old. It doesn't look it though besides some minor wear and tear. It's pretty heavy and without knowing anything about real life moto jackets, I'd say it's actually meant to ride with. It's a slim 42, black but with a brown overtone in some parts (can be seen in the pics.) The leather is F%@$%...
Here's a Lost worlds G-1 in a size 38. Exact reproduction of WWII flight jacket. Incredible leather, real fur. Great condition except for the rip pictured on the hand and a little bald spot on the fur. The bald spot is not very noticeable, the picture was taken in a way to over emphasize it for maximum transparency. Retails for $975 plus NY tax. Chest (pit to pit) 20" Waist (top of the front pockets) 19.5" Shoulder (back) 17.5" length (bottom of collar to bottom of...
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