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Haven't posted in ages... Been working on a pair of FH's for over a year now, but its time to start looking at another pair of PBJ's! Looks like there's tons of new models now... Does anyone have a breakdown of how the XX-015 Cigarette Slim fits similar to previous models (is it a rehash of an older fit + new material)? Is it similar to the 011's?
That's true mostly, but sometimes they're third party stuff goes on sale and with 30% off you can get a deal
Was talking to one of the sales guys there and they mentioned that the Yorkdale location is higher up in the pecking order in terms of getting more limited items. Not sure if this is true, I haven't been to the Eaton Centre location in a while... I did notice the Yorkdale location has the McNairy footwear though...
I'd say both fit TTS The oxfords are typically long, however, so if you plan to wear them untucked you might want to take that into account. I'd say for an XS oxford, you'd probably need to be 5'8" ish to wear untucked without it looking too long... I find the sweaters usually have a boxy fit to them, but still TTS...
So the online store (at least the canadian one) started carrying Filson bags... Only have the beige colours and only have the travel bag, briefcase and tote... Travel bag is $335 CDN... They've got a sale right now where $300+ purchases are 30% off... so it would come to 234... Good deal?
Finally had some time for pics... 26 months and maybe 10 washes or so. Haven't worn them much lately because the denim wasn't too heavy weight to begin with and rips and tears pop up almost every time I wear them. Brought them to the local shop to get them repaired countless number of times and didn't care too much for those 'high quality/seamless/as-if-it-was-never-there' repair jobs as I quite like the blemishes from a quick and easy repair job (and so does my...
Think I'll drop by Sydney's this weekend first to see if they resumed their chainstitching service.. if not, then i'll give Dutil a try
Yeah, but after a bit of looking it up, it seems to have pretty mixed reviews... apparently after they got popular, their quality/effort dropped off a lot (and their prices jumped up too)
bump... looking for a recommended place to get my denim chainstitched
Got a new pair of FH1001's... Initial soak didn't get the shrink/starch loss that I wanted... This is probably a bit OCD, but a second soak (I haven't worn them yet) in hotter water should be okay, right?
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