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In for black
I'm doubting it will be re-stocked in the next two weeks, whereas if we get together on a GMTO, we can receive the current pricing...
GMTO of St. James II in Vintage Cherry before Feb 28th?
What model are these? Are they direct from Carmina / MTO? I haven't been able to find this makeup-- looks great!
The second one that I posted (wingtip) or the second one that Meister posted?
Which of these pictures is more representative/accurate of the cognac calf color? There seem to be pretty significant differences across these pictures which all appear to be the same model (Rain - Model 10051a) Thanks in advance for clearing this up!!
To what extent is this picture "true to color" of TA's Tan Punched Captoe Oxford? Do the shoes have this "orange" tinge in real life? I'm not sure how to reconcile the picture from TA's store with a picture of Epaulet x Carmina MTOs that a poster has also called tan: Hoping someone can help me out here... Is the Epaulet version shell?
I really like this suggestion. Not quite my size but considering purchasing and then having it shortened. Does anyone have any other options that they like which are similar?I like this idea as well. Where did you source the strap? Who are the good producers that sell 1 3/4" straps?
Any suggestions for 1.75 - 2 in belts / buckles for use with raw denim? It seems like somewhat of a difficult size. I've seen some from a few of the jean makers themselves (N&F, Nudie). What does everyone use?
What is the name of this watch? It's stunning.
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