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Can anyone comment on the Loake 1880 sizing? I'm interested in the Aldwych or any other suggestions for work wear. I am cursed with a 13, slightly narrow (c/d) on a Brannock and I have some Florsheims in a 47EE, which is their only width and is a bit too wide. I also have some MTO RMW which probably aren't real helpful for comparison. Any experiences out there or other suggestions from the Loake range I should consider?
Top floor of the canberra centre, next to Marcs. It only opened late last week I think.
Some Versace collection is drop 8 if I recall correctly.
Harden is REALLY struggling.
I was worried Juwan Howard was going to bust a hip.
Fisher might be the worst player getting significant minutes in these playoffs. He is useless on offense unless its a spot up three (and even then its questionable these days), and horrendous on defense. Its almost as if Scott Brooks is taking his coaching advice from Reggie Miller.
sorry for the late response. I honestly have no idea how I ordered them, but you can basically pick toe shapes etc. I think they were a Craftsman, brass screw sole in an E width - because the comfort craftsmen can't be made in the slim fitting.But I could be wrong! Regardless they are beautiful shoes and I get depressed when I have to wear my other work shoes....
I once heard a splash of talcum powder in the shoes would do it, but that may have been myth.
Heres my MTO creations in an 11.5 E slim fit after a week of wear. Beautiful shoes! First pair of shoes I've ever had that actually fit my skinny feet.
I can get an F sized Comfort Craftsman boot for 184.50? Really? How about an E fit? Pretty please?I just got a pair MTO because they are impossible to find in Canberra in that width and in my size.
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