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It comes from throat latches, a decidedly country feature that allows you to "pop" the lapel and close it it a button underneath the collar on the right side to keep away the cold and wind. Looks out of place on a worsted suit though.
I'm in the process of ordering a mtm suit from kent, I'll post some pics when I can.
A navy wool coat would look less out of place on a sunny winter day than a trench. What are your "standard fare" coats?
It would be fine temperature wise, but a trench on one of those bright sunny (yet still fairly cold) winter days would look fairly out of place, sort of like carrying an umbrella when there isn't a cloud in the sky.
Ede and Ravenscroft does court dress and most of the robes and vestments worn in ceremonial processions. They can probably do whatever you would want but it'll cost you.
I'm definitely interested in this as well. I once saw some socks at Target that were reasonable quality and sized around 6-9, but haven't seen them again.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Is that a stroller? no strollers have formal trousers, not matching black trousers.
Mine fits most like the first, but without the tapering in the lower back.
What do you guys think? Loud but doable or just plain ugly?
I had the sleeves shortened and the waist taken in a couple inches on a cord blazer and my tailor didn't mention it being a hard material or charge any extra for it.
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