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Those are both money.
The LC 80's are just so bulletproof. Awesome truck and glad to see that you're using her as God intended.
Jogged 4.2 miles yesterday afternoon while my 8 year old daughter rode beside me on her mountain bike and talked my ear off. Experiencing the outdoors with your kids is basically the best thing ever.
My car history: 1986 Volvo 740 wagon (loaner from the parents when I was 16) 1991 Honda Accord wagon (loaner from the parents when I was 17-18) 1996 Nissan 200SX SE-R (first car to be mine, bought with $10k from the parents and $5k of my own money after HS graduation) 1996 Ford Taurus (bought in 2001 for $3k, sold in 2004 for $1500 - wife's daily driver when we were young and poor) 2003 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4* (still have as my daily driver, was wife's daily driver for 3...
I was pleasantly surprised last week when Ray Stevenson popped the intern in the head without blinking. It's funny to see characters make a quick exit when they have been integral to the plot for 2 seasons. But then yesterday's episode was back to the new normal unfortunately. Dexter being incredibly stupid/sloppy and somehow managing to get away clean (without a scratch on him by the way). I would have been happy if the bald roider dude had pummelled Dexter to death...
Ditto. I literally would be turning the show off after the second episode if he wasn't in it. So far this plotline blows otherwise. Seriously, Dexter would lose a blood slide down a grate and La Guerta would be the only one to find it? I almost just turned the show off right there.
Saw Rangers reliever Mike Adams at the restaurant where I was eating on Saturday night. Mind you this was 24 hours after the Rangers completed an epic collapse going 2-8 over their last 10 games to get bounced in the Wildcard game so I wasn't in a great mood re: any of our players. But I did shake his hand discreetly (nobody else appeared to recognize him since he's not exactly Josh Hamilton, and he was at a dark booth facing away from the restaurant) and gave him the...
Alright O's fans, tomorrow night right here in Arlington we'll see what your team has got. One game to rule them all. My Rangers have looked like shit over the past week but we have Yu on the mound and the home crowd will hopefully be in the game early. October. Baseball.
I stayed in a run-down flat on the outskirts of Moscow in 1995 that looked just like that!
S&W crushed earnings and guided up nicely for 2013.
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