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Had a great dinner on Friday that started out with a bottle of this: And then included two bottles of this: Split between 5 people. It was enjoyable.
If you think QT's other movies are over-the-top violent, then don't see Django. It is far more violent than any of the others.That said, I don't think his films are overly violent. Look at Paul Verhoeven or Sam Pekinpah or David Cronenberg who get way more sadistic and violent than QT. I also think QT will go down as one of the greats in the end. The more recent homage films might be pet projects for him, and certainly aren't as original as Pulp Fiction was when it...
Can't say that I agree with that...are you saying that is is no longer a good writer, or that he was never a good writer?
Haha. Or we could go with "Sorry to hear. Did you ever find a Christmas tree?"
Anyone else see it yet? My first impression is that I liked it better than Inglorious Basterds. For some reason I never bought into Brad Pitt's character in that movie, but I think Tarantino basically nailed the casting in Django. I'm also a fan of Leone Westerns so there was basically nothing not to like as far as I'm concerned. Mild spoilers: I do wish the Walton Goggans character had been expanded a little more. And having the main climactic fight scene when there...
Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I have always preferred the shitty side. I'd rather be the guy that can easily climb the fence to see what's on the other side, than be the guy who looks at the smooth panels but can't get over it. It just seems to me that if you put the supports on the outside, you're inviting people to come take a look at your shit.
Except if you have an HOA whose rules deal with the problem.
My first home was about $120k in a cheap cookie cutter suburban neighborhood. the HOA was $200 per year and it was absolutely worth the money just to keep the deadbeats (which inevitably start popping up within a couple of years after the new homes are occupied) from having overgrown lawns or building ugly garage additions, etc. Also the community had a private pool which was nice for all the homeowners.Then I lived in an infill neighborhood for 5 years wtihout an HOA. ...
Just got back from a hunting trip which was concluded by me hiking a couple of miles, spotting/stalking/shooting a mule deer at 300 yards, gutting said mule deer, driving a UTV off road for about 1/2 mile to get it reasonably close to the carcass, dragging the deer about 150 yards, putting it into the UTV, driving back to camp, skinning the deer, and then taking a nice hot shower. The last thing was the best but the other stuff did make me feel manly.
Those are both money.
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