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On one hand, this is the follow-up to Neill Blomkamp's excellent District 9, so I'd think the bigger budget and subject matter would make for a potentially excellent film. On the other hand, the thing that worries me is that you have Matt Damon and Jodie Foster headlining - two actors that have been known recently to take on pet projects that align with certain political views - and the "us vs. them" theme could certainly spiral into a preachy mess. Hopefully that...
Had my 13 year anniversary yesterday and my youngest son (of 3 kids) turns 6 today. It's a lot of work raising 3 kids that are a total of 3.5 years apart in age, and we got married at age 22 which was tough at times as well, but this stage (kids of elementary school age) is awesome. Spending the weekend with the family swimming and playing laser tag and watching baseball just had me thinking how lucky I am to be blessed in this area of my life. I'm on the gravy train...
Might want to shoot that thing a couple more times just to make sure you got it.
I'd give it a 9 everywhere else but that grille is way too big. It's like they're trying to model it after the Ford Super Duty pickup grille.
I went ahead and bought TSLA Jan 2015 $30 puts today for $2. Will forget that I own them for a while, and then if Elon goes down in flames in the next 18 months it will be a nice windfall.
I checked with a contact on the borrow and the current rebate is -39% (annual) right now. That said, it already looks like there is going to be a lot more stock for borrow by the time yesterday's trades settle next week. So I think we'll see implied vol drop by late next week as lower borrowing costs start to factor in. The shorts appear to be capitulating, which is generally the right time to get short.
If there was a way to short TSLA without getting owned on the borrow cost I'd do it in a second. She's a zero in 3 years.
Going to pick up my beloved Panerai today after having it tuned up and being without it for the past 2 months. I like my Timex Ironman as well, but I can't wait to put a real watch back on.
Talking about the Solera? Yeah I like to drink a glass of it, then pour another half glass over some ice cream for dessert, and then drink another glass. Basically a full meal.
Truth. Leone's films just got better. Also, Once Upon a Time in the West is the probably best Western ever filmed. The opening scene alone is better than 90% of all other Westerns in their entirety.
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