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Once Upon a Time in America. All 229 minutes of it.
I'm pretty sure that's wrong.
This is one of the things that makes the 911 so great, and a real outlier among long-time models. While it has been getting slightly bigger, Porsche got wise a couple of decades back and realized that if it gets heavier, you lose the driving dynamics over time.
These comments presuppose that the cowboy boots in question are significantly flared out from the ankle/calf, which is not the case on properly fitted boots. The boots I pictured above are probably 1/2 inch bigger in circumference than my calf at the top of the shaft, and absolutely do not cause problems with my pants.But yes, if someone buys boots that have the shaft built like a 2 gallon funnel, then it's going to make all their pants (including jeans) look like shit...
These are Horween burgundy shell with no stitching on the vamp, and I can wear them with anything from jeans to a dark suit. Course that's in Texas - where it's common to see billionaires, CEO's, and politicians wearing boots with suits - but I make a point to wear them in New York and California as well and always get tons of compliments. A good looking pair of boots can be very versatile. Just don't buy shitty and/or ugly boots and expect to have people rave about...
On one hand, this is the follow-up to Neill Blomkamp's excellent District 9, so I'd think the bigger budget and subject matter would make for a potentially excellent film. On the other hand, the thing that worries me is that you have Matt Damon and Jodie Foster headlining - two actors that have been known recently to take on pet projects that align with certain political views - and the "us vs. them" theme could certainly spiral into a preachy mess. Hopefully that...
Had my 13 year anniversary yesterday and my youngest son (of 3 kids) turns 6 today. It's a lot of work raising 3 kids that are a total of 3.5 years apart in age, and we got married at age 22 which was tough at times as well, but this stage (kids of elementary school age) is awesome. Spending the weekend with the family swimming and playing laser tag and watching baseball just had me thinking how lucky I am to be blessed in this area of my life. I'm on the gravy train...
Might want to shoot that thing a couple more times just to make sure you got it.
I'd give it a 9 everywhere else but that grille is way too big. It's like they're trying to model it after the Ford Super Duty pickup grille.
I went ahead and bought TSLA Jan 2015 $30 puts today for $2. Will forget that I own them for a while, and then if Elon goes down in flames in the next 18 months it will be a nice windfall.
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