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Demolition of architecturally significant homes (not certified masterpieces, but certainly some history). This is a recent local example has people up in arms around here on both sides of the argument. Thoughts? http://artsblog.dallasnews.com/2013/06/modernist-masterwork-demolished-in-fort-worth.html/ http://www.star-telegram.com/2013/06/26/4966307/ruth-carter-stevensons-daughter.html It's interesting because in Fort Worth there is a pretty serious appreciation for...
My name finally came up on the Carlisle list and I'm supposed to get an allocation next week. Anyone have thoughts on must-haves, or other general thoughts on the winery that would be useful? I have only had a couple of their bottles and those were ~4-5 years ago (about when I signed up for the list).
This is exactly why you phrase the question "if you have to pick one" and see what they say. Of course, if you ask someone if they're good at details and good at seeing the big picture, that's a 100% worthless question because they're always going to say "yes sir, it just so happens that I'm really good at both of those things." You have to push them into a corner a bit to get the subtle details that reveal what they really think.
If you're hiring a 22 year old for a financial analyst position and they go on and on about how they are a big picture person, that's a red flag. The inverse is true for some other roles.If someone just wants to ask lay-up questions and then pick their favorite candidate based on what "feels" like the right choice, that's up to them. But I have always geared questions with a specific goal in mind, so at the end of their answer I have some objective measure by which to...
A few that I generally ask to determine fit: - Tell me about yourself, starting in elementary school. Take 5 minutes and be detailed, taking me to today (I monitor time and see how good they are at being concise and giving real information as opposed to rambling on for 4 minutes about one thing and skipping 10 years, etc). Interrupt several times and ask why they did certain things (why major in x, why go to that school, etc) and see how quickly they are able to recover...
Well, the bastard did it in 16:22. Based on the splits it looks like he slowly walked the last 2.5 miles but I certainly respect that he sucked it up and finished it. Good for him.
A acquaintance of mine (wives are friends) is running the Coeur d'Alene Ironman tomorrow in Idaho...his first Ironman, and he is a bit of a bigger guy so it's borderline whether he's going to do it in the mandated 17 hours. I'm not a huge fan of the guy. If he makes it, I will have more respect for him and will have something to talk to him about next time we see each other. If he times out or quits, even better. Either way I win.
I think Perlman is almost too masculine in the face. Tom Hardy is probably the youngish actor that I think could pull it off best. The Brit accent (even if he toned it down and tried to sound American) would accentuate the well-educated outsider mystique of the character, and obviously the guy has been known to bulk up and look good bald.
I go back and forth on whether I think an adaptation should be attempted at all. Something tells me that it's just not possible to make a great film from that book. And I'm not one of these people that trashes all adaptations...it's just that the character of The Judge seems like an almost insurmountable challenge.That said, let's assume that someone were to do it right. I'd pay admission just to watch this scene play out on the big screen: “A legion of horribles,...
Good mid-century homes are a dying breed. There are actually two homes in Fort Worth, both of which sold for north of $2 million recently and were designed by well-known architects in the 1950's, being razed in the next month. The replacements should be fine homes as well, but will undoubtedly be built in the 20's and 30's mansion styles that are currently much more popular.
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