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Automakers could lend at 0% because interest rates were effectively 0% (and still are). As rates go up they will raise interest rates on loans. But Tesla has said they will provide free charging (power) for all their cars. That's like a gasoline-based car company offering free gas...not exactly the same obviously, but at some point when there are 50,000 Teslas on the road and everyone is charging them at a Tesla station because it's "free", I have to think that the...
There are going to be a lot of angry Tesla owners out there in 2 years when everyone realizes that the batteries are degrading faster than they thought. And I just don't see how the company can afford to charge all these cars for free. In that sense it really is like a Ponzi scheme where they're building out a big charging network that's paid for based on current sales, but the network itself is going to be a massive drain on cash flow (both in capex now and in operating...
I just bought puts in lieu of actually shorting it, but it appears that I would have been better off smoking those dollars instead. I still have to Jan 2015 to see how it plays out, but clearly they're selling a lot of these bastards right now.The problem comes in 6 months when everyone who is interested in an $80,000 electric car has already bought one, and the bloom is off the rose in terms of it being the hot new thing that nobody has seen before. 2014 sales, and the...
To Catch a Thief is pretty lightweight compared with other Hitchcock films of the time, but I love the cinematography and location. It makes you feel like Cannes was the best place on earth in the 50's. Plus you have Grant, and the fact that I could sit through 90 minutes of footage of Grace Kelly just staring at the camera...she was unbelievably beautiful.
I love the chocolate interior, but it needs to be paired with lighter paint IMO. White or silver would be nice. The dark paints beg for a nice creamy caramel leather.
Actually I didn't know that, so thanks. Even though it looks like McLaren only raced in orange for 4 years, that definitely changes my stance.But objectively speaking, I still think it's way too loud.
I like the 458 in white. Nothing worse than exotic cars with flashy colors...i.e. one of my neighbors has a bright orange McLaren. If it's possible for a McLaren owner to scream 'white trash' that's how you do it.
If anyone should find themself in far West Texas (Alpine, Marfa, etc.), check out Big Bend Brewing: I managed to drink 4 of their 5 beers this past weekend and was very surprised at how excellent they were. The Tejas Lager was probably my favorite but they make a wide range and are all good. Great can designs as well (they don't come in bottles)...each one has different text and color scheme.
5,714 yards is REALLY short. That's basically wedge or even drivable par 4 territory on most holes. I don't remember the last time I played on less than 6,400 yards.
EMES is another recent MLP that I own, and another where the GP is a big owner and highly incentivized to make it rain soon. It's primarily a frac sand business.
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