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To Catch a Thief is pretty lightweight compared with other Hitchcock films of the time, but I love the cinematography and location. It makes you feel like Cannes was the best place on earth in the 50's. Plus you have Grant, and the fact that I could sit through 90 minutes of footage of Grace Kelly just staring at the camera...she was unbelievably beautiful.
I love the chocolate interior, but it needs to be paired with lighter paint IMO. White or silver would be nice. The dark paints beg for a nice creamy caramel leather.
Actually I didn't know that, so thanks. Even though it looks like McLaren only raced in orange for 4 years, that definitely changes my stance.But objectively speaking, I still think it's way too loud.
I like the 458 in white. Nothing worse than exotic cars with flashy colors...i.e. one of my neighbors has a bright orange McLaren. If it's possible for a McLaren owner to scream 'white trash' that's how you do it.
If anyone should find themself in far West Texas (Alpine, Marfa, etc.), check out Big Bend Brewing: http://www.bigbendbrewing.com. I managed to drink 4 of their 5 beers this past weekend and was very surprised at how excellent they were. The Tejas Lager was probably my favorite but they make a wide range and are all good. Great can designs as well (they don't come in bottles)...each one has different text and color scheme.
Yeah, I'd say this goes for anything east of I-35. For my money, Dallas has the most miserable weather in the country in August. Highs around 100 and plenty of humidity. But go even a couple hours West and you have a lot less humidity and much more comfortable overnight temps in the Summer. And far West Texas (as is evident when looking at that black/white humidity map above) is downright dry and very mild in some areas. We don't have A/C at our ranch, but given the...
5,714 yards is REALLY short. That's basically wedge or even drivable par 4 territory on most holes. I don't remember the last time I played on less than 6,400 yards.
EMES is another recent MLP that I own, and another where the GP is a big owner and highly incentivized to make it rain soon. It's primarily a frac sand business.
Speaking of HOA's and the good things about them, one of our neighbors-to-be (he is planning on building a home soon on a lot he owns, as am I) recently tried to pull and fast one and get a variance to set his home only 35 feet from the street instead of the mandated 50 feet, because he's trying to shoehorn a McMansion on to his lot. The HOA basically got everyone together and sent up several neighbors to the meeting and bitch slapped him into a denied request. He also...
Yeah one of the great names ever. He's also a Kenneth Copeland disciple...comes to Fort Worth a couple of times a year to kiss the ring. I wouldn't be at all surprised if part of Creflo's revenue goes to Copeland in return for favors done earlier in the career.
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