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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter It's easy to wear bright colors and patterns but sophistication comes from subtleties like texture, and cut. Shoes make or break your outfit. Dressing just that one level nicer then everyone around me makes me feel great and that impacts everything I do. This. Especially the first two.
There was a first post earlier from a person who was advertising cheap Indian doctors...maybe his services could be utilized? I would think that two twenties and a few smoked rat-on-a-stick treats could get a chin tuck done over there.
I don't care what it's called or exactly what he's doing...anyone who gets out there on Jaws and comes out standing is doing something pretty cool. Those waves are stunning.
Why would someone only carry one card? There is no downside to having a backup. M/C and AMEX for me.
Anyone on the list for Derenoncourt? His 2007's should be coming out in the next couple of weeks and I was hoping that someone might have tried some of them already? I am a big fan of the Lake County 2006 Cab and am considering going in for more variety this year. http://www.derenoncourtcalifornia.com/page.php?pid=23
One of my main goals in life right now is to keep my 7 year old daughter from learning anything about Justin Bieber...I figure I have 2 years until he starts flaming out with coke-induced benders at Charlie Sheen's house, at which point the pre-teen girls will lose interest. So until then I have to remain vigilant. As expensive as the American Girl crap is, I'll take that over tween pop stars any day of the week and thrice on Sunday.
Quote: Originally Posted by boxdiver Does anyone have trouble with their upper lip? If I don't go against the grain on my upper lip...I always have a 5:00 shadow and it looks like I have a dirtstache. If I go against the grain...it's clean...but I get razor bumps, defeating the purpose. Thanks in advance. You should go with grain first, then across grain, then against. Separately and re-apply shave cream/soap each time. Something...
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian I know and frequent many places that have low prices on beer in NYC; $2-3 for yuengling or PBR. I was just basing it on the prices I've see at the majority of bars, pubs, lounges, clubs I've been to and heard about in NYC for normal beers like Amstel, Stella, etc. Perhaps instead of saying "That's NYC for you" I should have gone with a more generic "That's a large sized City in NA for you". I wasn't trying to...
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Quote: Originally Posted by thinman My condolences. Thanks all for the kind words. I wouldn't wish the experience on my worst enemy, but I have three other healthy children and I think the whole experience has made me appreciate them more than I ever would have otherwise.
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