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Speaking of, last night was our first in a new set of cotton percale sheets from Parachute. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal a few months back and decided to give these a try. 8 weeks later they just arrived from Italy and I'm very pleased. $200 for a queen set.
Except that it's covered in snow 5 months of the year. When it comes down to it, no self-respecting billionaire should have less than 2 major ranches. One in Texas and one in a cooler/higher locale.
And as I said before, we had one for 5 years in our previous home and loved every minute of it. Best money I ever spent (was about $2500 both the time before and this time around).
After a couple of years of living in a rent house as we worked on the design and construction of the new home, we finally moved in a couple of weeks back. Our builder is going to come in and do some better pictures once the punch list is knocked out, but here are a couple of pre-move in shots of the great room.
We were living in a rent house for the past 2 years until 2 weeks ago, after having spent the previous 5 years in a home we had built with a central vac. Needless to say, we put another system in the new house (which we spent the past 2 years designing and then building) and it's awesome. Only difference is that we did this one with the hoses that retract directly into the wall. Works great so far.
Last Friday I hiked to the top of a 7,500 foot mountain (really only did the last 1500 ft of vertical but I'll still count it as a decent hike), and then later in the day shot a bunch of wild animals and ate them for dinner. Also killed a javelina at close range with a pistol and almost got killed when a friend rolled over the Yamaha Rhino we were in while we were driving down a mountain. The manliness from that stuff lasted all week.
Yeah but a company's goodwill is destroyed if they offer to pay for electricity and then start charging for it a few years later. People are absolutely banking on free power when they run the cost/benefit analysis and make a determination to buy this car. So I'm just saying that it's going to be a material ding on profits once Tesla is charging 50-100k of these things regularly for free. Ultimately the company needs to actually make money producing cars.
Automakers could lend at 0% because interest rates were effectively 0% (and still are). As rates go up they will raise interest rates on loans. But Tesla has said they will provide free charging (power) for all their cars. That's like a gasoline-based car company offering free gas...not exactly the same obviously, but at some point when there are 50,000 Teslas on the road and everyone is charging them at a Tesla station because it's "free", I have to think that the...
There are going to be a lot of angry Tesla owners out there in 2 years when everyone realizes that the batteries are degrading faster than they thought. And I just don't see how the company can afford to charge all these cars for free. In that sense it really is like a Ponzi scheme where they're building out a big charging network that's paid for based on current sales, but the network itself is going to be a massive drain on cash flow (both in capex now and in operating...
I just bought puts in lieu of actually shorting it, but it appears that I would have been better off smoking those dollars instead. I still have to Jan 2015 to see how it plays out, but clearly they're selling a lot of these bastards right now.The problem comes in 6 months when everyone who is interested in an $80,000 electric car has already bought one, and the bloom is off the rose in terms of it being the hot new thing that nobody has seen before. 2014 sales, and the...
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