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I make fun of Texans constantly, because it's just fun to do so...so many easy targets. But I'll be damned if it's not the greatest place in the world for a tax-paying American to live.
I own a 2003 4Runner 4x4 with 125k miles on it and it's easily the best vehicle I have ever owned. I know that's a small sample size, but for what it's worth. Have run it off-road with Jeep Rubicons and other vehicles of the sort, and have never had issues...it's a real SUV and built rock solid. I keep thinking I'll get rid of it but it just does nothing wrong and it won't break. Have bought my wife 3 new vehicles (successively larger and more expensive SUV's) over the...
Bought these new in March 2011 on SF. Worn approximately 20 times per year...once every 2-3 weeks. Worn with insoles because they were always a bit big, and I'm listing them because I'm finally cleaning out the closet a bit. They fit like an Alden 9 Barrie or 9.5 on Alden smaller lasts.
Bought new last week. I have now worn 2 full days and have determined that they are ever so slightly too large. Want to give them a good home now, rather than wearing them and not being 100% happy. Comes in original Vass box with Vass shoe bags. Gorgeous and literally almost new. Size is 42 on the Vass Peter last. I read that they would be equivalent of an Alden Barrie 8.5, but I think they are just slightly larger. The Barrie 8.5 is great for me but is as big as I...
I made a self-imposed rule about 15 years ago that I'd never spend more than $2k on a TV, and it has served me very well. Right now sporting a decent 70 inch Vizio in the living room which was something like $1500 at Sam's earlier this year, and a TV like that is almost indistinguishable from something costing twice as much. Spend the extra dough on something that won't depreciate so rapidly.
I think this would be a great car if they could do it in the $200's. But $500k is just beyond all reason...many people can appreciate the craftsmanship but at some point it just get ridiculous. For that dough I'd rather buy a 991 Turbo S, a 993 Turbo, and something older with a nice restoration...would then have 3 cars that will likely hold overall value a lot better than the single Singer.
Original or director's cut? Unlike most films with multiple versions, in this one there is actually a material difference...director's cut is much better. And yes the cinematography is great.
Pio, I can't imagine getting an Explorer over a 4Runner. Then again, I actually do drive off-road in mine so there is genuine need for the qualities that a 4Runner (and very few other SUV's) possess. If you don't have those needs, I'm sure the Explorer will do nicely. You could certainly argue that sample size (1) is an issue, but my 11 year old 4Runner has been the best vehicle I've ever owned. It's going to be genuinely difficult to let go of her, even if I'm just...
Bought my son his first real gun today. For my money the act of a father teaching his son to hunt is one of the oldest, and probably the most manly, activity in the history of the world. Seriously. (I know that the act of buying the gun really isn't manly, but dove season doesn't start until Sep 1. The gun in question is a single shot breakover .410)
Blue steel rolling insulated cooler for the back patio.
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