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This kills it for me. Quote: Ultimate cushioning in NIKE AIR Technology with maximum support That squish and hiss sound from a popped air cell is just want I want in a dress shoe. At least it doesn't have the visible air thingy... who wants an air max oxford?
Quote: Originally Posted by AAP Is there a specific name for this type of houndstooth pattern? Thanks, gentlemen. Houndstooth + Plaid =Houndstooth Plaid
They had a bunch of 1/2 lined cotton and linen jackets (maybe suits, all the pants were on floor racks and the jackets on the wall). I was surprised how tight they were in the shoulders. I'm usually a 40, sometimes even a 38, and at H&M the 42 was still a bit narrow in the shoulders. They looked pretty good for the price though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Montauk There's that oh-so-casually turned-up collar point that Schumann had noted on Japanese men. Contrived, but whatever--as long as they're having fun. That plus the back of his tie flailing around is a little to much "flair" in to small of an area for my taste. It takes a narrow tie and makes it look wide, or ends up looking like some back to the future double tie monstrosity.
Did a bunch of alterations this weekend.. probably jumped the gun on those eh?
In. Quote: Originally Posted by scooby-doo First time in club. I'm in! Me too...
Quote: Originally Posted by matstyleku Is there a thread that features SF member's closets? I'm trying to re-organize my closet and want some ideas. I was interested too.
Guess we need a shoe size poll next... Actually I wonder if someone could write a script to scrape the user listed measurements.. Get a lot more info on people then the results of a poll.
Sold exclusively at K-Mart? Come on, a little more effort before you "haha".
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy 2 headsets? thats like carrying 2 guns
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