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Fit is really a different issue from how much room past the toe there is. Those look fairly long and a pointy so you might have an inch or two of space past your toe.
You guys getting the lands end shorts, did you size down or anything? I got a pair in med and I am a 33ish waist. They don't seem to fit slim at all.. kind of old man shorts.
Quote: Originally Posted by stubloom Given the fact that they didn't REMOVE your buttons prior to cleaning and then REPLACE them after pressing tells me that they are either a value, ordinary or pretender cleaner. Really, you guys cut all the buttons off before cleaning and then sew them back on?
Quote: Originally Posted by giraffe lookout My inseam and sleeve length are the same (33 inches.) Is this common? It seems like it could be but I've never heard anyone else comment on it. I have 34 long arms and I'll wear a 34 with jeans and have stacks, but for a clean almost no break with dress pants it's 30.5
The new modern tailor books have stickers on each swatch with the name and model# of each fabric. My only gripe is that it's a small selection of what they have available.
I assume tailoring/mending supplies like thread or polish are ok as long as we stay in the $100 socks/underwear/tailor limit. Also redid the hem on these pants and added a nice igent touch.
If it was more like 17/34 then it would be neck size/sleeve length in inches. But 43 would be.. very large. The shoulder to shoulder distance can be a useful number to help the shirt fit, the rest can be easily tailored.
These are what made me think of it. Beautiful, but functionally similar to plastic in moisture absorption. Quote: Originally Posted by NORE rude bwoy. Me a see dat avatar an raise ya deese: [[SPOILER]]
Question about shoe trees. My understanding is that they have 2 main uses; To stretch and straighten the leather and sole after wear and to absorb moisture from the leather. So I see these really fancy shiny wood trees. That means they have a finish on them and therefore are sealed off from the wood absorbing any moisture... Whats up with that?
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf +1 ugh logo's
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